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Whether you wish to work or going to study, GCL - Global Commerce Licence® will help you!

Every employer in addition to your professional qualifications will be happy if you can show the basic commercial knowledge (in Business, Economy, Law and ICT) as well as every University going to accept your study application if you already have some credit points.

Accredited by AEACAE - American-European Accreditation Council for Adult Education, GCL has value of 30 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) or 18 credit points in USA, as equivalent of one semester or 800 hours of learning on academic level.

GCL is created by the joint work of numerous experts from prestigious universities worldwide (USA, China, Russia, India, Europe, Australia, Africa…) and European Economic Chamber of Commerce, Trade and Industry - (EEIG) from Brussels, with aim to represent standard and basic knowledge required nowadays.

Commerce has always been one of the fundamental skills, now consisting of a wide range of interdisciplinary branches:

  1. ICT- Information and Communication Technologies
  2. Business Ethics and Behavior
  3. International Law and Regional Practice
  4. Economics and Finance

In order to obtain the GCL Certificate® candidates need to pass all 4 mentioned exams.

In case candidate already obtained certain certification for any of the above mentioned skills, at a school, university or a similar institution, they should present it to the GCL examiner. That qualification can be accepted instead of exams in the matching GCL modules. By regular testing procedure is obligatory to pass at least one of the GCL modules in order to obtain the GCL certificate.

Candidates are free to use different ways to prepare themselves for GCL exams. We are offering free education by selected topic from “Wikipedia - free encyclopedia”, which are available on our recommended literature section, advanced literature from our partners and our free demo tests with correct answers.

GCL certificate can be a big advantage when seeking for a job or wishing to become entrepreneur. GCL can be important additional education if candidate has already achieved high technical specialization, as well as the first and easiest step into academy study if candidate do not have university degree yet.

The GCL certificate is internationally recognized. Exams can be taken at various countries and GCL Test Centers with the same GCL e-Index. All GCL exams are the same worldwide and established as a unique on-line testing data base.

After successfully passing all exams, for security reason, candidate’s GCL certificate will be stored permanently in GCL data base ( under the button check certificate and therefore cannot become matter of fraud. Candidate, employer or anybody whom it may concern will be able to review it simply by entering GCL e-Index code and print it as many times needed.

As the global economy permanently creates new connections between people, companies and markets, the need for commercially orientated professionals from various background specializations is increasing rapidly. We assure you that level of achieved commercial skills make the difference between successful and unsuccessful traders, engineers, workers, scientists or companies. Therefore, GCL stands for one of the most important certificates nowadays!

GCL is accredited by American-European Accreditation Council for Adult Education

GCL is verified program of European Economic Chamber - EEIG Brussels

GCL is a member of European Commission's Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

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